Cover Me, I’m Going In

Cover Me, I’m Going In

Sunday, 07 August 2016
Featured DJ Mix

Goldenchyld & Cutso of The Bangerz, known as Good Cop, Bad Cop on this project, in collaboration with Cukui present Cover Me, I’m Going In.

Released: February 5th, 2015

“Cukui is proud to present Cover Me, I’m Going In, the newest mixtape from The Bangerz own Goldenchyld and Cutso, also known as G.C.B.C. (Good Cop Bad Cop). This conceptual mix is a curated blend of well known songs that have been reinterpreted for a new generation of listeners. Every cut, cover, and edit has been handpicked by the duo for their nostalgic frequency and quality songwriting. Maximum enjoyment guaranteed.

Masterfully selected, blended, and presented this mix will having you singing along and moving in your car, or at your next function.

We are proud to support local artists and musicians we relate to. Aligning our similarities and highlighting the best in our community is what Cukui is all about. So please enjoy and thank you for all your support.

Stay Rooted,

Cukui & The Bangerz”

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