Circles | Pusha T Feat. Desiigner, Ty Dolla $ign

Circles | Pusha T Feat. Desiigner, Ty Dolla $ign

Thursday, 27 October 2016
SMG Record Of The Week

There is slowly a great transformation going on in Hip Hop. Strip Clubs. Now of course Hip Hop and Strip Clubs have been like peanut butter and jelly even before the Freaknik. I missed the Freaknik, as in I never been. Yet, the point of this post is that the Dance Club is now filled with… well… no dancing. DJ’s play records, we look and bounce our heads in agreement, then keep it moving. This privilege was once reserved for the VIP area, now everybody is important right? So we stand there as if we are in VIP. And since we are in the endless age of designer clothing, expensive ass chains, watches and shoes (or at least they look expensive). Ironically one can not afford to risk looking stupid on social media by actually dancing and having a good time with other humans without fear of harmless internet trolls judging ones every move. And to take it a step further, we all know the endless violent possibilities if a person were to step on one of those expensive ass shoes in a dance club. Which has also been happening since the dawn of time. Once again, one can not afford to catch a passionate ass whooping which could be caught on social media and have the potential of going viral where the homies can play it back at every BBQ you attend. So we have escalated minor disputes in night clubs to go straight into the “walk around the metal detectors” and get smack dab into the trigger play instead of the normal mush or “fair one”. That has also lead into multiple clubs shutting down or just turning away Hip Hop and its followers all together. Hip Hop being the survivor its been, has turned to the place that has always accepted it with open arms.. Strip Clubs.

Just like a side piece is suppose to, Strip Clubs no matter the weather has allowed the return of Hip Hop thru its doors and even cooked us a hot meal (best wings in town). The great part is Strip Clubs are no strangers to breaking talent on both sides of the pole. And now that your favorite musical artist is being accepted for appearances at a Strip Clubs; Strippers and people who visit these establishments are being treated to a higher quality more competitive musical experience. Also treated to music performances from those who would normally pass a Strip Club by for the sake of well.. being seen at a Strip Club. And if you are telling yourself “Don, rappers been doing this for years.” ask yourself how many times you’ve seen Common doing a 16 at a Strip Club. But I can almost guarantee you Common be in the Strip Club.

Pusha T. A highly respected lyricist. A critically acclaimed song writer. A brand owner. A president of a record label. A owner of a clothing company. A successful Drug dealer (ex?). All talents have no doubt led him into multiple Strip Clubs situations. Being the visionary Pusha T is he linked up with two artist that have been getting heavy rotation in these establishments and released a record of his own called Circles. I like the record. Its got a vibe to it. I like the quality of sound (production & vocals). I think the combination of Pusha T lyrics with Ty Dollar Signs melody and the randomness of Desiigner vocals really work. I think it’s a great record for Pusha Ton. More importantly the song is not extremely long so Strippers can fit in more lap dances and possibly make more money by the hour then before. I can assure you this song is hitting the new Hip Hop Dance Club where you can get as fly as you want, start as much beef as you want, waste as much money as you want, without fear of internet trolls mocking you. One thing I’ve noticed about internet trolls, they have a soft heart for drama that happens in the Strip Club. If you can’t get in to a Strip Club just yet, you can play the song here with us anytime you want.

– Don Prahfit

Circles (Dirty) – Pusha T ft Desiigner, Ty Dolla $ign


Circles (Dirty)

Circles (Clean)

DJ Intro (Dirty)


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